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Past Projects

Examples of work performed

Selected Macroeconomic & Sector studies carried out by SCB:

  • A Study for the Possible Establishment of Cargo Village in Syria
  • Study for establishing a village business incubator for women's enterprises in the coastal midlands area of Syria
  • A Survey of the Health Sector in Syria
  • An Evaluation of UNDP’s Outcome A.2: Improving structures and climate for Enhancing Trade and Investment  
  • The Financial Standing of Drinking Water & Sewage Establishments in Syria
  • A study of the Energy Sector in Syria (Oil, Gas and Electricity)
  • Study of Unemployment, Vocational Training, and SME Promotion in Syria
  • Study of the Labour Market in Syria.
  • The Role of Globalization in Labour Market Development: The Case of the Syrian Arab Republic
  • Study of Foreign Direct Investment in Syria.
  • Study of the Investment Climate in Syria
  • Investment Incentives in Syria and Their Effectiveness
  • Tasks That May Require UN Assistance Following the Evacuation of the Golan
  • Competitiveness: Definitions, Measurements, and Factors that Contribute to Competitiveness and Estimation of Syria's Competitiveness
  • The Potential Impact of the Syria-EU Free Trade Agreement on the Syrian Economy and Industry
  • Syria’s Present and Expected Free Trade Agreements:Complementarities and Conflicts
  • Syrian Free Zones and Industrial Estates
  • Taxes on Business in Syria
  • Study of the Syrian Energy Sector
  • Profiles of the Syrian Pharmaceutical, Textile and Garment and Agro Food sectors
  • Development of a General Institutional Strategy for Syrian Business Support Institutions


Feasibility studies include:

  • Funded credit line and technical assistance to SMEs in Syria
  • Study for setting up a joint Syrian Malaysian multimedia university (SMUU)
  • Study for Jandar tourist resort in Homs
  • Valuation of a private bank in Syria
  • Study for establishing a private bank in Syria
  • Study for establishing an Islamic bank in Syria
  • Study for establishing a leasing company in Syria
  • Study for construction of Al-Bashaer School in Qura al-Assad
  • Study for establishing an Islamic insurance company in Syria
  • Study for establishing a general hospital in Damascus
  • Study for establishing a scrap iron processing plant in Syria
  • Study for a hotel and yacht club in Syria
  • Study for Amrit tourist and commercial resort
  • Valuation of a company manufacturing modern irrigation equipments
  • Study for establishing an olive oil press and refinery in Syria
  • Study for establishing a printing house in Lebanon


Market and marketing research assignments include:

  • Survey of the dairy product market in Syria
  • Survey of the soft drink market in Syria
  • Study of the sugar, starch, and glucose markets in Syria
  • Omnibus survey of households in Syria
  • Electronic readiness assessment survey in Syria
  • Survey of the mobile phone handset market in Syria
  • Retail outlet satisfaction survey on GSM services in Syria
  • Study on the software market in Syria
  • Market study on cement and building products in Syria
  • Market study on Gypsum board in Syria
  • Market Study on building blocks in Syria
  • Study of the galvanized pipe and accessories market in Syria
  • Salary survey for oil and gas companies in Syria
  • Survey of the construction steel market in Syria
  • Study of the PVC window and door profile market in Syria
  • Market survey of packaging materials and systems in Syria and Lebanon
  • Polyester yarn market study
  • Profile of the Syrian garment sector


Field Surveys, Polls and Focus Groups Conducted by SCB:

  • Market Survey of the Educational Environment in Syria, for Agha Khan Development Network
  • Economic and Social Conditions and Work Opportunities: The Case of Syria, for Gallup, UAE
  • FDI Environment in Syria, for UNDP/ The Syrian Investment Agency
  • Housing Needs Survey in the Damascus Area, for a Mixed Use Real Estate Project for Palmyra-SODIC, Egypt
  • SCB’s Analytical Cost-of-Living Index, for Upper Middle Income Families in the Damascus Area
  • Requirements of Farmers for Information in Syria, for TV Station, UAE