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ليس بقانون الاستثمار وحده يأتي الاستثمار ( 2019-07-29 )

In 1991, the Investment Law No. 10 was issued declaring Syrian openness to the private sector and granting tax and non-tax incentives for Syrian, Arab and foreign investments...



Syria: Textiles and Garments Sector Value Chain Analysis ( 2019-05-19 )

a summary presentation of a study prepared by the Syrian Consulting Bureau for Development and Investment in Damascus in 2018 about  the textile and garments sector value chain in Syria at the request of UNDP, Syria.


المطلوب إلغاء الهيئة العامة للإشراف على التمويل العقاري ( 2019-05-19 )

In 2009, Law No. 39 was issued to establish the Real Estate Finance Oversight Commission (linked to the Minister of Finance) to license and supervise operations of the private mortgage companies that will be established under a subsequent law, as well as to supervise mortgage finance provided by commercial public and private ...



The Banking Sector in Syria in 2018 ( 2018-09-18 )

The banking sector is one segment of the larger financial sector which includes non-banking financial institutions, such as insurance companies, equity and bond firms, a securities exchange, leasing, real estate, and venture capital finance institutions, in addition to pension funds, mutual funds, and other institutions.  ...



Forging Research Links between Academia,Business and Industry in Syria and Lebanon ( 2018-04-11 )

Research links between academia on one side and business and industry on the other is extremely weak in both Syria and Lebanon. The main reasons are shortage of trust and mutual understanding, shortage of finance and competent human resources and shortage of competition in the market. 



مقابلة الدكتور نبيل سكر مع مجلة المصارف والتأمين نُشرت عدد شباط - آذار 2013 ( 2018-02-20 )

النقاط الرئيسية لمقابلة الدكتور نبيل سكر مع مجلة المصارف والتأمين والتي نُشرت بعد سنتين على بدء الأزمة في عدد شباط - آذار 2013