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Articles By The Managing Director


Opportunities and Challenging Constraints ( 2010-11-01 )

While Public-Private Partnerships could play an important role in Syria's development, foreign expertise and investment are needed to make such business arrangements viable.



Pitfalls Along Reform Road ( 2006-01-01 )

As encouraging as Syria's new spirit of reform is, the country faces several inter-related challenges that must be overcome in short order for the reform process to realise its full potential..



Economic Analysis: Threats and Opportunities ( 2005-02-01 )

Reform in the Syrian economy must take a great leap forward, and fast says Nabil Sukkar. For the longer the wait, the higher the price becomes...


The Digital Divide and Development ( 2004-03-24 )

The digital divide is deepening notably between advanced and developing countries. Action is needed now to prevent this divide from deepening further and threatening social and political peace....



Banking Reform and Bank Restructuring ( 2002-12-19 )

Presentation paper to the Syrian National Committee of the ICC on banking reform and bank restructuring in Syria ..  



Opportunities in Syria's Economic Reforms ( 2001-06-01 )

The government has initiated sweeping reforms designed to integrate Syria into the global economy but the pace of change has to be expedited to achieve the desired results says Nabil Sukkar, former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the Managing Director of the Syrian Consulting Bureau for Development and Investment ...